Interior & Exterior Design

Ornamental motifs, geometric patterns and designs have long been a staple of luxurious interiors in every culture. Today, these CNC design patterns are making a roaring comeback in home interiors. While a few years ago, latticed designs required skilled artisans, CNC (computer numeric control) or computerized cutting has made it easily available and more affordable. Modern technology has also made room for experimenting with complex damasks patterns and materials such as stone, metals, woods panels, etc. This allows us to stitch contemporary and ethnic styles together seamlessly. If you’re ready to add some panache to your home interiors with beautiful bespoke designs, then get in touch now.

Charming Dividers

If you’ve got an open floor plan without distinct spaces, then a jali divider can be the perfect way to distinguish areas in an unobtrusive way. From laser-cut wooden panels to creative custom designs, jali separators can blend beautifully into your décor. Choose from floral, paisley or geometric patterns, keeping in line with your tastes and completely transform your space!

Unique Motifs on Doors

A refreshing place to experiment with bespoke design is doors. Most traditional houses have these boring doors that everyone knows of. Why not take it up a notch with a custom design?

Groovy Wall Accents

Step away from clichéd wall décor and install personalized CNC design patterns instead! Thanks to technology, these can get as elaborate or as minimalist as you like. Throw in some backlights to emphasize the designs and the end result can be stunning!

‘High’light Ceilings

When considering home interiors, many people tend to neglect ceilings. Sure, false ceilings are common, but paying attention to its detailing can jazz up the space beyond belief.

Add shapes or geometric patterns to your false ceiling in the living or dining room to create an alluring effect. With the right lights, it can make your home magical!

Outdoor décor
You can get quirky with our bespoke designs in other spaces of your house too, like the balcony or patio. Motifs on wood or mdf look absolutely gorgeous and can be a great way to add outdoor charm. Just imagine how lovely sunlight will look streaming through those spaces!
3D CAD Drawings

Send us the specs for your project and we will layout a 3D rendering for you. See how we will maximize the yield of your materials.

Material Sourcing

Need materials for your project? No problem, use our wholesale resources to find the right low cost materials for your project.

Additional Services

Beyond Custom CNC cutting we are a full scale custom wood working shop. Take advantage of our additional tools and expertise.