Parametric Furniture

Parametric modeling is a modern furniture design technique that is unique, cost-effective, and efficient. The design that is centered on algorithmic computing has become popular in the making of sofas, desks, chairs, and other customized furniture pieces.

Organic Feel

Parametric design offers an organic feel and adapts easily to the conditions of the space where it is located, and harmoniously integrates functional elements, such as a staircase or a bench, giving them a stunning beauty, even reminiscent of elements and forms of nature that are guaranteed to stand the ultimate test of time.

Sectioned Pieces

We are constantly looking for practical, dependable ways of bringing abstract shapes into reality.  One of the most attractive qualities of parametric-style works is their innate ability to capture shapes that people aren’t used to seeing.  Maybe this is a bench designed to look like a shark, or a wall panel that ripples like an ocean’s surface.  While not imperative to the parametric style, the most common solution to fabricating these polymorphic shapes is to use sectioned pieces of wood, acrylic, or other materials.

Geometrically Abstract

Many designs created parametrically imitate nature. However, many others defy any and all expectations entirely.  Living in the digitally augmented age of the present day, the worlds of abstract mathematics and furniture begin to mold, fuse, and sometimes crash into each other in remarkable ways. Reality distorting patterns and shapes that could not be created before are not only possible now, but easy to achieve and replicate.

3D CAD Drawings

Send us the specs for your project and we will layout a 3D rendering for you. See how we will maximize the yield of your materials.

Material Sourcing

Need materials for your project? No problem, use our wholesale resources to find the right low cost materials for your project.

Additional Services

Beyond Custom CNC cutting we are a full scale custom wood working shop. Take advantage of our additional tools and expertise.